Well it’s election day as I’m writing this… I have NO idea who our next president is.  By the time you read this, we probably will know!  How strange… Much to write about.  Songs with lyrics about the unknown, anyone?  We are living in a crazy time right now my friends.. I’m not about to pontificate on that or preach my own beliefs because they are that.. my own.  I do however think that I hope only positive things come out of this.  That people will always remember that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave and that we are all welcome to live that American dream.

OK that’s enough about that!

I have decided what I want my next record to be.. So that’s a good start.  Over the years I have noticed a trend.  Well I noticed, but didn’t take it to heart until now. When I am playing shows or chatting with you guys on social media, I have learned one very important thing.  The songs that you gravitate towards are always songs that I’ve written 100% on my own.  Everyday, Bumps in the Road, Better.. Call it insecurity, call it a need to be around other humans, call it a little more inspiring, but ultimately, I LIKE co-writing.  I do it quite often.  A ton of my songs, I’ve written with other people. It helps my brain work.  Writing alone is like a freak of nature. I don’t always have an idea to work on or a thought that I want to sing about.. I have to wait for it.. But when it happens, it’s joyous! So co-writing with others is a way to get there a little faster for me.

That being said, I have had some great moments lately.  Moments that have formulated into songs.  So I have decided that I’m going to follow YOUR gut and write this next album by myself.  Me, myself and I are really gonna channel what is going on my life and believe me, I have a lot to write about.. 

Secondly, I have been around a ton of producers in my career.  I’ve watched them work on Protools, play instruments they don’t know how to play and perfect them, program drums, record vocals etc..  I have watched and learned.. I started to think that maybe I can do that.  Why not?? I have been recording my own vocals for years now and I know how to edit them and make them sound nice and shiny.. Why not try the rest? Drums, Bass, Gtr, Keys…:-/  Challenge is good right?? Oh my god.. what am I doing??  Well it’s settled, Thanks for the pep talk.  I am going to sit down and do this.. Just know that when I finish in 2040, every cymbal hit, every electric guitar part, every bass line.. will be played by me.. hopefully:)  Is this a good idea??? Who’s up for a challenge??  Let’s venture into the unknown together!!