Gray Matter - The Writing Blog

Welcome to my new blog!  Today, I am making a vow, mainly to myself, but to anyone who's reading this:) I am going to write updates here and only here about the ins and outs of "my" music business..  Not the business that we see on Tv or the one that lives on the radio.. But the gray area in the middle where there are so many of us who are lucky enough to make a living doing what we love, but riding a little under the radar. I think I wanna call this blog GRAY MATTER, but that could change, cause after all… I am a writer.  Open to suggestions:)  

I have been very lucky to have been signed to a major label, to have had my songs play on the radio, to tour with amazingly talented artists and more. I realize that not many people will be able to experience that and I don't take it for granted at all.  I am constantly getting emails from fans that ask how did I do this and how did I do that etc.. This blog will hopefully answer those questions.  So feel free to comment below with any thoughts you have! 

Here is the main idea: What can I do today to keep this train rolling? What do I have control over without the big machine behind me?  After I left the label, I did a lot of soul searching.  I started doing anything and everything that I could to stay creative.. Some of you may know that I write a ton of songs all the time.  Some of them I try to get used on TV shows and in movies, some never see the light of day!  Some of you may know that I write songs to pitch for other artists, some of you may not!  Some days I sit in front of my computer and teach myself how to program hip hop beats... just cause:).  Some days I write on the piano (And I don't even play piano….:-/).  Some of you will know that sometimes, I got nothin'.  Nada.  On those days, I want to roll up into a ball and roll down a hill.

On this blog, I am going to be open and candid about the highs and lows on writing, singing, performing, life... As there are a bunch of us floating around in this crazy business, in this crazy world for that matter.. pedaling hard to make shit happen. Some days I'm on flat land, some days I'm coasting down a hill while some times it feels like I'm hiking up the Pyrenees.  Highs and Lows... 

I hope to be able to write here once a week, about all I did the week before.. publishing on Tuesday. Hopefully you will find it interesting, hopefully you will get questions answered, but know that sometimes there are no answers.. It's all chance and luck.. I can tell you one thing, I won't hold back and will try my best to be open and honest.. In this blog :)  Just a little caveat, I won't be able to post most of the songs that I write about here because once a song is released, it's released...  and sadly, it makes it more difficult to get it cut by another artist or used on TV.  Sooooo I will have to be a little cautious about that BUT I will hopefully make you laugh and shed a little light on this music business that reads like a John Grisham novel.  Stay Tuned!!